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Optimize unlimited images with Smush Pro

Get Smush Pro and bulk optimize every image you’ve ever added to your site with one-click and fix your Google PageSpeed with the best image optimizer WordPress has ever known. You’ll get: Super Smush – 2x compression; Backup original images; Optimize huge photos up to 32MB; Smush unlimited images with a click; Blazing fast 45 point image CDN; Automatic resize and scale

  • Super Smush – 2x compression
  • Backup original images
  • Optimize huge photos up to 32MB
  • Smush unlimited images with a click
  • Blazing fast 45 point image CDN
  • Automatic resize and scale

Smush Pro features

Smush Pro comes with the following features that will help you resolve your Google PageSpeed opportunities and get the best optimization for your images.

2x CompressionEnjoy more than double the savings using Super-Smush, which uses its advanced compression algorithm to save more than 2x without any drop in visual quality.
Bulk smush unlimited imagesOptimize UNLIMITED images on your site with a click and keep smushing the images you upload in the future automatically.
Smush Pro CDNServe your images from 45 locations around the world. Your site will load fast for every visitor and rank better on speed tests. 10GB monthly bandwidth included.
Backup original imagesOptionally store original images as a backup so you can quickly restore full quality images at any point in time.
Automatic resize & scale“Properly size images” as recommended by Google, so the images fit within the container correctly. One-click solution.
WebP supportServe all your images in a next-gen format (25% smaller than PNG or JPEG) from the Smush Pro CDN automatically.
Auto-convert PNG to JPEGConvert PNG (without transparency) to JPEG automatically if it results in smaller file size without a visible drop in quality.
Large images up to 32MBSave a ton of space on your servers by optimizing large images up to 32MB with the one-click bulk smush wizard.
Lazy loadingConfigure lazy loading to defer offscreen images, choose custom loading animations, and improve page speed.

Smush Pro Tutorials

Read our practical tutorials and harness Smush Pro’s full image-optimizing potential.

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