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User-Friendly Structure

The Motion Bro Videolancer’s Transitions Pack features an easy and user-friendly structure, making it simple for even beginners to find and apply appropriate transitions without extensive knowledge in After Effects. Just one click can get you on track for adding great transitions to any video project without spending hours searching through options manually.

Customization Control

Motion Bro Sound FX Pack Say goodbye to time-consuming sound design! The Motion Bro Sound FX Pack ensures each transition is accompanied by its appropriate sound effect, adding another level of professionalism and engagement in your videos.

Motion Bro has been at the forefront of creating high-quality transitions since 2016, creating over two thousand transitions that seamlessly integrate into any video project. Their pack contains Distortion Zoom Transitions, Pan Transitions, Spin and Sigmate Transitions, 3D Transitions, Stretch Transitions Split Transitions Stylization Shape Transitions Glitch Transitions Light Leaks Transitions.

Motion Bro’s transitions are designed to seamlessly work across resolutions and aspect ratios, from wide-format cinema to vertical IGTV content creation. Their stunning appearance will look professional no matter the format you use!

How to use Motion Bro Videolancer’s Seamless Transitions Pack V9

Resolution and Aspect Ratio Compatibility Our handy seamless transitions support resolutions ranging from minimum resolution up to 4K! They’re fully resizable for use with any aspect ratio in the frame – portrait 9:16 or landscape.

Customer Reviews

Customers’ positive responses speak for themselves. Many customers have praised Motion Bro’s transition pack as their favorite transition pack, with outstanding reviews and continual updates to ensure an outstanding user experience. You can trust Motion Bro to deliver top-tier products.


Upgrade your video projects today with Motion Bro Videolancer’s Transitions Original Seamless Transitions Pack V9, and see the difference for yourself. Create eye-catching, captivating, visually appealing videos that leave a lasting impression with viewers of all ages – start pushing video editing forward today with Motion Bro!

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