Videohive Transition Pack 35516028 For Premiere Pro Free Download

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Get a complete set of professional transitions. This package includes more than 90+ transitions to your video.

This project contains several categories

  • 01 Dust Swipes
  • 02 RGB VHS Swipes
  • 03 Lens Swipes
  • 04 RGB Lens Swipes
  • 05 RGB Panoramic Swipes
  • 06 RGB Simple Zoom
  • 07 Lens Zoom
  • 08 RGB Stretch
  • 09 Super Fast

Template Features

    • There are three different versions of the project.
  • Video Tutorial
  • Three versions of the project are available
  • Premiere Pro 2020 or higher
  • Timeline for Modular Main Comp
  • Substitute Footage for Images or Videos
  • Universal Color Controls
  • It is very easy to edit and customize
  • No plugins required
  • Videos and music are not included
  • This package contains transitions from a larger package.

Photo/ Video CC By Pixels Music Hip-Hop is for You

Software Version Premiere Pro CC
Resolution 3840×2160
File Size 737MB
Media Placeholders 90
Text Placeholders 90

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